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American Community Survey

American Community Survey

Description: Socioeconomic characteristics (age, race, income, poverty, occupation, housing value) from Census Bureau surveys conducted over five-year periods for counties, cities, tracts, and block groups. Replaces data formerly collected as part of the U. S. Decennial Census.
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   2010-2014 ACS 5-Year Data (Region)  details
2016 Excel 9.4 Download

   2010-2014 ACS 5-Year Data (Texas)  details
2016 Excel 6.1 Download



Description: NCTCOG’s geographic information system data and products are derived from a variety of sources and made available as a public service. These data are not suitable for site-specific decision making nor should they be used to make financial or other commitments. We provide vector data: point, line, or polygon in an ESRI shapefile (SHP) format. The download files (.zip) include metadata. Please note that you will need GIS or mapping software to view and use the data and products. The coordinate system for NCTCOG GIS data is NAD 1983, State Plane, Texas, North Central zone, feet. For GIS data please visit: OpenData.
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   2000 Census Block Boundary (Region)  details
2000 Shapefile (Polygon) 44 Download

   2000 Census Block Group Boundary (Region)  details
2000 Shapefile (Polygon) 6.61 Download

   2000 Census Tract Boundary (Region)  details
2000 Shapefile (Polygon) 3.81 Download

   2000 Census Urban Cluster Boundaries (Region)  details
2000 Shapefile (Polygon) 0.18 Download

   2000 Census Urbanized Area (Region)  details
2000 Shapefile (Polygon) 0.276 Download

   2010 Census Block Boundary (Region)  details
2010 Shapefile (Polygon) 67.8 Download

   2010 Census Block Group Boundary (Region)  details
2010 Shapefile (Polygon) 8.06 Download

   2010 Census Tract Boundary (Region)  details
2010 Shapefile (Polygon) 4.49 Download

   2010 Census Urban Area (Region)  details
2010 Shapefile (Polygon) 1.26 Download


Daytime Population

Description: “The concept of the daytime population refers to the number of people who are present in an area during normal business hours, including workers. This is in contrast to the 'resident' population present during the evening and nighttime hours. Information on the expansion or contraction experienced by different communities between nighttime and daytime populations is important for many planning purposes, including those dealing with transportation, disaster, and relief operations” U.S. Census Bureau (Journey to Work).
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   Daytime Population 2012  details
2014 Excel 0.61 Download

   Daytime Population 2013  details
2015 Excel 0.32 Download

   Daytime Population 2014  details
2016 Excel 0.35 Download



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